New Leaf Acres is home to a dedicated Golden Retriever and German Shepherd breeder. 2021 will be our first year breeding Golden Shepherds. Our puppies are born in our bedroom. We monitor and help as needed. We work closely with a vet we trust and monitor progress with the mother beforehand. During birth our vet is on call if we need him. After birth we place a colored collar on each individual puppy describing when it’s born and its birth stats. After the puppies are born the mom and pups are moved to a secure area of our living room (so the humans can sleep). The mother is given supplement food and attention before and after birth. Nutrition is a large part of how a dog grows and develops. There are multiple brands of dog food available that offer proper nutrition for a growing puppy through adulthood. We believe a protein based diet is best. (Meaning meat is the first ingredient.) Please speak with a trusted vet. If you'd like to read a good website before selecting a brand of dog food click HERE.

All of our dogs (and puppies) get a wide variety of attention and adventures to ensure that they adapt to the outside world. They have a lot of attention from children, other animals, rides in the car, active outdoor experiences (schools, soccer practice, parks, vet appointments) and LOTS of random noises….(lawn mowers, cars, fireworks, vacuums, music, tv, etc.) We also encourage all sorts of touch development.  This means everyone we introduce to our puppies are encouraged to pet their ears, tails, feet, teeth, etc. Getting puppies used to being handled (even held on their backs) helps with the training process. We know that not all children know the proper way to handle their puppy (or siblings) and we do our best to make sure the puppy doesn’t take it personally. We ask the same of our future families…. please do what you can to help your children know how to handle a defenseless puppy. Puppies chew, bite, pee (they don’t care where) and don’t know English. For more information on what to expect click HERE.






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"We love Luna and she's been great!!! She has definitely gotten comfortable and driving our other dogs crazy, LOL! We adore her! She has the greatest temperament!!! She's perfect! We cannot thank you enough!" -Allyson from Illinois 

"Hi, Katie! Just wanted to send a few pictures of Macky! He's growing like a weed! We joke that all he knows how to do is eat and snuggle. Obsessed with him!" Emily from Iowa

"Katie, just a note to let you know how great things are going with Royal! He is an exceptional puppy with a sweetness and sensibility that everyone comments on who meets him. We couldn't be happier with this sweet boy. He was the missing piece to our home. We are considering getting another puppy from you. Whatever you are doing, as breeders, is 'kosher' as far as we are concerned, and I trust you and your opinions. Again, I cannot say thank you enough for our wonderful Royal, and all the work you did in his first weeks, to encourage him to be the best he could be. I want to thank your children for their input also. He practically gets hypnotized when we roll him onto his back and rub him all over his belly, paws, and tail, and he absolutely loves when little kids come over to play. You can tell he had a very good experience with your kids, and passes that love on to other kids. Thanks again, Katie!" -Gina from Kansas City

"Emmy is an absolute doll. A huge lover and snuggler. We can't get enough of how sweet she is! She is doing so well! She just graduated from the beginner's obedience training this past week!" -Ashley from Iowa

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