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Tikka is our German Shepherd. She has that perfect black and gold/red, saddle back coloring. She’s smart and has that desired German temperament of protective, playful and always on the watch. Both of her parents liniage were part of the greater Kansas City area police force. Her disposition is readily adaptable for companionship, service and/or support. You'll find Tikka sitting in the area of the yard where she can watch the kids jump on the trampoline, those who drive down our lane, and our friends sitting on our patio. She loves to know who’s where and what's going on. Tikka is a kind and gentle protector. When reading the book The Five Love Languages (written by Dr Gary Chapman), we would say Tikka's love language is quality time. Her favorite thing is to be on a walk with us, playing with the rest of her "pack", or just being in the same room with us. 

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